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Noodle Hackerspace


We do not take responsibility for any damage, or legal issues, done with these files here at AT Products, Ethical Hacking Society, CodingHome, The Script Community, or Noodle Hackerspace.

Use a virtual machine if it's a computer virus, and never open them on your physical machine. As a pre-caution, download them on your VM.

If it's a APK file, use a APK Emulator.

More information on Virtual Machines (VM)
More information on APK Emulators

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Pynx Technologies

Pynx Technologies is a company that has cybersecurity tools, pentesting tools, etc. It sells at the moment SSkullzv2 and Skullzv3.

Viruses & Malware

Root Password Phishing (Bash) Alias Command Version Instructions by Lynx

Example Login Program (PY), (Password is "password"), by Lynx

Cerbios Ransomware (PY) by Pynx

Apps & Software

Coming Soon...